Aero Shake, Peek, and Snap Your Way in Windows 7 [Features]


During my normal day work, I often have 10+ applications running the same time. With that many applications cluttered on my desktop, a lot of time it’s hard for me to just focus on one particular application. Prior to Windows 7, I often press Windows Key + D to hide all windows and only click the app I wanted after. Now in Windows 7, you can shake those un-wanted window away by simply clicking a pane in the window you want and giving your mouse a shake or using the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key + Home. Shaking it again will have them all back. Still a bit lost? Watch this video clip below.

In the other cases, I like to save files on desktop because it’s easy for me locate them later on. However, with many windows cluttered on top of the desktop, it’s annoying sometime when you just want to know the file name of the file on the desktop. Prior to Windows 7, I would have to Windows Key + D to show the desktop first to find the info and switch back to the Window I was previously working on. Now in Windows 7, I can easily peek through all open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop by simply pointing to the right edge of the taskbar or using the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key + Space. Still didn’t get it? Watch the following video clip.

Addition to that, new Windows 7 Snap feature also comes in very handy. It helps so much resizing, maximizing the window to the size you want it without worrying about losing the previous set up. Simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen. Depending on which edge you choose—top or bottom, left or right—the window will expand vertically, fill the screen, or you can even position windows side by side. Better, there are also a set of keyboard shortcuts you can use to make the whole thing more smoother.



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