Allow Anyone Securely Upload Files To Your Dropbox


If you are using Dropbox, like we do, would it be cool if there is a way to allow anyone you trust to upload files directly to your designated Dropbox folder? Well, in case you missed, we have covered a very neat web app called dbinbox that links your Dropbox account with a unique url to let any non-Dropbox user to upload the files directly into your Dropbox folder. And here is another one that works even better.

Sookasa, a superior and easy to use Dropbox encryption solution, released a new feature called Secure Uploads that lets you securely receive files from people who don’t have Dropbox or don’t have any encryption program to encrypt the files. And it’s also a breeze to use.

First of all, if you haven’t started using Sookasa to encrypt your Dropbox, check out our review to get it set up. By the time you’ve done that, you will have an account set up that you can log in to your own Sookasa Dashboard.

Go to a tab called Secure Uploads, and copy the unique URL and share it with anyone from whom you want to securely receive files.

Sookasa Dashboard Secure Uploads 600x447 - Allow Anyone Securely Upload Files To Your Dropbox

Note that you can also disable the link if somehow your link has become a public knowledge that your Dropbox were bombarded by tons of junks from the spammers.

When you access that shared link in a browser, you will see an upload form similar to the one shown below. Your trusted friends then can fill up the form and upload the files directly to your Dropbox.

Sookasa Dashboard Secure Uploads page - Allow Anyone Securely Upload Files To Your Dropbox

Files uploaded through Secure Uploads will be encrypted and saved to Sookasa folder in your Dropbox. You will also be getting an email from Sookasa notifying you that somone has sent you an file. Once the files got sync’d across, you will be able to open and access them with Sookasa client on your desktop or app on your mobiles.

I did a few tests myself and found it works smoothly and great. The only limitation I am complaining about is the file upload size which is limited to only 100MB. It’s the amount set in Dropbox’s API but I still hope Sookasa Secure Uploads can somehow bypass that limit, since the native Dropbox file upload limit has been increased to 10GB.



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