Alt + Double Click A Quick Way to Bring Up The Properties of Files and Folders


We’ve seen this too many times, right click, go to bottom of the list go to Properties. That’s what normally we would tell the reader how to go to the properties of a file or folder. And that’s how we do it as well. file_proerties But did you know there is another quick way to get access to the Properties info by just hold down your “Alt” key and double click on the file or folder. By doing so you are avoiding the long list of options when you right click on an item. And yet for me most of the time when I found myself right click on an item I mostly want to get access to the Properties info. Now with this trick you can avoiding one more right click to go though the ever growing long list of options. Try it now, and make this become your “default” way to get access to the properties info.




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