Anonymously Surf Internet to Protect Your Online Identity with SafeIP


SafeIP is a free network utility that lets you surf internet without much fear of exposing your online identity by hiding your IP from websites. It acts like a proxy server over your IP address. Once connected to one of SafeIP authorized network, all your traffic will be redirected to SafeIP before going to the internet. Therefore, your ID is well protected through the process. Plus, the communication between your computer and SafeIP network is also secured by the strong encryption. So whether you are accessing internet at home or through a public wi-fi hotspot you are always well protected.

SafeIP Connected - Anonymously Surf Internet to Protect Your Online Identity with SafeIP

There are actually more protections available in SafeIP, in addition to hiding IP, such as Malware protection, Advertisement blocking, Cookie tracking protection, Browser ID protection, Automatic IP rotation, and DNS privacy. I would say to turn them all on if you want to a full protection to yourself.

SafeIP Optimization - Anonymously Surf Internet to Protect Your Online Identity with SafeIP

But there is a price that comes with all these protections. Because all traffic will be redirected to SafeIP network first before attaching to the internet, the speed accessing to the web will be slower than when not protected. That’s understandable. Make sure to pick the network that is closest to you for the maximized connection speeds.

Once the program says connected, heading over to one of the IP address checker like whatismyip to check if your real IP address is replaced by one of SafeIP’s addresses.

It’s worth mentioning that SafeIP also has a service called WebProxy that hides your IP address on the fly with their SSL-based  proxy. The service is also free.

Your IP address is your online identity. Make sure keep it safe whenever it’s possible. Using a program like SafeIP is definitely a good step to move forward.

SafeIP is a freeware that works on all Windows platforms, from XP to Windows 8, on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.



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