Another Portable Lightweight Disk Info and Benchmark Tool for Windows


There are no shortage at all if you are looking for a nice little tool that gathers information about your hard drive. Here comes another one.

SSD-Z is a free portable disk tool that shows you the detail information about your installed disks, whether it’s a SSD or not. Using a database, it shows information about your SSD, such as the controller, processing tech, NAND type, checks the S.M.A.R.T status, temperature, and verifies if TRIM is enabled for your system and SSD, etc. You can even Press F9 key to show the serial number of your selected disk.

2015-03-24 22_40_22-SSD-Z 15.03.15 beta - OCZ Agility 3

The tool shows you not only the status of S.M.A.R.T on your SSD but also a full list of all disk’s available attributes. Go to S.M.A.R.T tab to find out.


What’s surprised me is that it even includes a benchmark tab that tests your disks’ performance, including IOPS, transfer speed and random access time. Even though it’s marked as a Work-in-Progress feature, it could give you a basic idea of how good or bad your disks perform in your computer.

SSD-Z - performance

If you have multiple disks installed on your computer, you can easily identify the device type by simply looking the color assigned to each device, green for SSD, orange for HDD, Pink for removable, and Teal for optical drive.

SSD-Z - disk type

Overall, SSD-Z is a nice little portable free disk tool that runs in lightweight on Windows. Since it’s less than 1 Megabye when unpacked, it should fit nicely in your portable toolset on your flash drive.

While we are on the topic of talking about disk tools, don’t forget to check our complete list of tools that keep your SSD in good shape.


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