Apache Directory Studio Is Another Full-size Multipurpose LDAP Client


Continuing with the previous mini-series on LDAP clients. Once again, if you are in the market looking for a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) client for various purposes, apache Directory Studio is a full blown LDAP client. The core is Eclipse based, you will get a familiar UI if you have used Eclipse IDE before. Compare to the previous LDAP browser, JXplorer, Apache Directory Studio offers many more features.


Apache Directory Studio is Build for Apache Directory

Apache DS is a type of LDAP server apache provides, the Studio is the browser / client. Even though, this is designed for communicating with Apache Directory, the core of the client supports all kind of LDAP server and connections. In fact, it supports more LDAP server connection type than JXplorer. It supports different type of Encryption methods (ldap:/ vs ldaps://), different type of user authentication depends on the type of LDAP connection. It even have Windows Kerberos authentication out of box.

Once you are connected, you will get a much richer and better UI to browser the entire LDAP server content. It’s easier to create and edit schemas for new trees and groups. You can edit any attributes of an element on the fly. It supports virtual directories, proxy servers and gateways. If you are looking for some kind of LDAP browser, Apache Directory Studio a complete set you need.



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