Appymouse To Better Control Windows 8 Desktop with Your Finger


When I need to remote control my servers through RDP on my iOS devices, I use and love 2X Client because it has a little touch pad that allows me to move cursor around easier on the server desktop and click on the items more precisely on both right and left click. And this Appymouse is my equivalent 2X Client on Windows 8, and it solves one of the frustrations using Windows 8 desktop on a touch device.

With an on-screen transparent touch pad, Appymouse allows you to control a cursor for easy usage of applications traditionally made for the desktop mode of Windows 8. It’s a surprisingly good app that every Windows 8 user should get and use, well, except those who are using RT. But that brings another question, why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? I only wish this would be built right in the system so I can use it more efficiently while I am using my Surface RT tablet.

In the screenshot below, you will notice the transparent touch pad at the bottom right corner that looks like a 90° fan shape. You just move your thumb in that area to move your cursor around on the desktop.

AppyMouse – touch pad at the bottom right corner


You can also see how it works in action from the video below:



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