Arguably The Safest Way to Surf Web Without Being Attacked


Internet is great but also dangerous. Most of the threats, if not all, are from the web nowadays, including virus, fraudulent content, porn, etc., etc.. And the sad but simple fact about it is that we don’t have a perfect solution to it. There just isn’t a safety product out there that is good enough to protect us from all these bad things.

So instead of looking for a software to protect us from being attacked, what about taking another angle, looking at alternatives such as safeguarding our DNS to keep the bad stuff from getting in in the first place? Since DNS is the address book for our beloved Internet, if we have a clean address book, we would have a clean Internet theoretically, wouldn’t we?

Yandex.DNS is a public DNS provider that extends the basic DNS service by adding features such as content filtering, phishing protection. It’s a service that’s much like Google’s Public DNS and OpenDNS.

It offers in 3 modes, Basic, Safe, or Family.

Yandex.DNS - 2014-02-19 10_45_37

Put in simple term,

If you are the only one at home, go with Basic.

If you have a partner who lives with you but knows little about computer, go with Safe.

If you also have a kid or two under the same roof, definitely go with Family.

So where do we put this new DNS in our computer?

If you have a router in place with DHCP enabled, you should go to the router’s admin page and change the DHCP settings to Yadex.DNS ones.

Or, if you don’t want to touch the router’s setup, you can use a simple tool called QuickSetDNS from NirSoft to quickly switch your DNS. But you might need to do this every time when the computer reboots. The change made in router is a lot more stable and efficient.

NirSoft - QuickSetDNS

More good news, according to Yandex.DNS,

Yandex.DNS is available in Asus, D-Link, TP-Link and ZyXEL routers. Special versions of the firmware with integrated Yandex.DNS were released for popular models by these manufacturers.

So, if you are lucky, this Yandex.DNS might already be included in your home router.

Now, if all work according to the plan, your home computers are protected by the clean address book provided by Yandex.DNS. It’s arguably not only the safest way, but the easiest way as well.



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