Automatically Save Windows Spotlight and Bing Images as Desktop Background in Windows 10


The Windows Spotlight images are pretty spectacular and fresh. I’ve been using this tool to automatically set them as my desktop background wallpaper every time I see one that I really like. But it stopped working recently due to some updates in Windows 10. So, I’ve been looking around and find a Windows app that fits my needs.

Store - Dynamic Theme

The app is called Dynamic Theme that automatically saves Bing image and Windows Spotlight image to a folder of your choice on a daily basis. You can download and install the app directly from the Store app.

Here is how I used this app to set up a slideshow type of desktop background using downloaded Bing and Windows Spotlight images.

1. Create a folder called Wallpapers under Pictures folder in OneDrive. Because the folder is created in OneDrive, it can be synced to my other devices without me manually copying them.

2. Open Settings app, go to Personalization and set the Wallpapers folder as the source to Slideshow type of Background. You can also set the frequency, shuffle mode, as well as a fit, such as Fit, Fill, Stretch, etc., for the background.

Settings - Personalization - Background slideshow

3. Download and install the Dynamic Theme app and launch it.

4. Go to Daily Bing image tab and enable the Autosave mode to save the images to the Wallpapers folder I created earlier.

Dynamic Theme - Daily Bing images

5. Go to Daily Windows Spotlight images tab and enable the Autosave mode to save the images to the Wallpapers folder I created earlier.

Dynamic Theme - Daily Windows Spotlight images

That’s all it takes to automatically feed your desktop with endless amazing pictures. Now, just wait for the images to pour in. After a little while, you will gather a good amount of them to dress up your desktop. Hope you will never get bored.


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