Avira Protection Cloud – A Cloud Based Free Anti-Malware Scanner


Avira logoThe Avira Protection Cloud is a free cloud-based anti-virus program by Avira, a well-known AV software company, trying to strengthen one of the weak points existed in all existing anti-virus software, the update process. With a cloud-based solution, the protection is no longer heavily rely on the update to keep your virus-definition file up-to-date. The data as well as the scanning engine is always kept to the very latest in the cloud. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, you have all the latest technology ready for your local scanning client. Not mention that the scanning process is also lighter than the air, as more scanning is done in the cloud.

How exactly it works?

As explained on its website:

  1. The Avira Protection Cloud generates a list of files from the locations frequently targeted by malware, including running processes, programs in the start-up and services.
  2. The hash of each file in the list is generated and sent to the cloud, which will be categorized as “clean” or “malware”.
  3. Unknown program files are physically uploaded to the cloud for analysis.
  4. The client displays the result once the uploaded files have been scanned in the cloud.

How to get started?

Simply download the client from the website and install it on your computer. Launch it once it’s installed, and click the Cloud Scan button to start.

Avira Protection Cloud - Screen #1

System Requirements

The Avira Protection Cloud is an AV software that protects Windows, so it runs on all Windows OS systems, from XP SP3 and higher, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. In order it to run, it also requires .NET Framework 4, Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, and of course internet connections.


Many anti-virus software have failed their mission miserably with a of them that could be avoided completely by just simply keeping the software up-to-date. A cloud-based solution could be a wonderful idea to prevent this kind of failure from happening. Besides, with a lot more files contributed by the users, the software vendor could come up better product and solution to serve the users better.

The Avira Protection Cloud is currently still in early beta preview stage with only supporting scanning at the moment. I truly hope the idea can be developed further to succeed and the product gets improved more mature with more features like real-time protection added to the official release down the road.


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