Balsamiq Is a Fantastic UI Mock Up Tool for Rapid User Interface Design


If you ever need to do some UI mockup, you might think of tools like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator or Fireworks. While those are some powerful tools to get the job done, they are an overkill to get some basic ideas laying out, it takes significant amount of time to mock up a quick website, or any user interface layout with those tools.

Balsamiq, provides a much easier way to mock up UI with tons of preloaded UI elements. Create a dropdown menu just one click and drag-drop, showing a chart graph, a calendar UI elements are just as easy. You saving time on elements creation, put the time into actual brainstorm and idea generation.


Balsamiq comes with multi-platform supports (Windows, Mac and Linux). They also have web-apps and other plug-ins integrating to your existing Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Confluence and Google Drive. It’s an awesome tool, that saves you time and it’s fun to use. You can focus more on the idea rather than the actual work in putting up a UI mockup.

They also provided some helpful documentations for beginners to get started in UI design, and supports if you ever need help. Give it a try, and you will love it, the full desktop version are $79 one time fee per license.



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