BenchMe to Evaluate the Performance of Your Hard Drives for Windows


If your computer is running poorly lately, have you ever wondered that maybe it’s your hard drive slowing down the whole performance of your computer? When you are building up a computer by yourself and you have a few hard drives in hand, do you know if you are picking the right one holding the OS and the data? Maybe, this little freeware called BenchMe will give you a hand helping you make a quick and correct decision.

BenchMe is a free benchmark utility designed specifically to measure various performance characteristics of your data storages. You can then evaluate your data to give you a basic idea how good or bad your devices are.

BenchMe Process thumb - BenchMe to Evaluate the Performance of Your Hard Drives for Windows

BenchMe works with almost all kinds of storages you may have:

  • Hard drives (internal and external),
  • SSD,
  • USB thumb drives,
  • Memory cards,
  • RAID arrays.

and measures the following performance details:

  • Linear read speed (with minimum and maximum values) in MB/sec;
  • Access time in ms (minimum, maximum and average);
  • Device information including device name, revision, serial number, and device capabilities;
  • Device physical sector size;
  • IOPS for different queue depth values.

It’s completely free, works with all Windows from XP to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

What needs to be improved is its output options. So far, you can only copy the result chart into the clipboard and paste it to other program like Word to evaluate with more details.

Also, it would be nice if there is a portable version ready so that I can put it into my own portal USB toolset.

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