BleachBit Frees Up More Space By Cleaning Up Leftovers From Many Applications


Windows 7 system already has a disk cleanup tool built in but it only cleans up its own mess. Since the reality is that there are more garbage created by various applications you install and use on your computer, you actually need a more powerful tool to help you out free up more disk space for you if needed. And here is one that you may want to give a shot.

BleachBit is an open source free tool that quickly frees up disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy by freeing cache, deleting cookies, clearing Internet history, shredding temporary files, deleting logs, and discarding more junk you aren’t even aware it’s existed. So far, it wipes clean over 90 applications including Firefox, Adobe Acrobat, IE, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, and many more.

BleachBit comes with installable file as well as a portable version that you can put in your portable toolbox. Running the application is fairly easy. Simply launch it after installing it or extracting it to a folder. The application first scans your computer to find any known applications and lists them all for you. Then you can select which type of the files you want to clean up.


Beyond deleting the files created by the known applications, BleachBit also offers some other nice features like shredding files, folders, and wiping free spaces to prevent them from being recovered in the future.


Better yet, it works for both Windows and Linux system.



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