BoxCryptor to Encrypt Your Cloud Data on All Platforms


Sharing files through the cloud via services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Google Drive has made our computing life a lot easier. But unfortunately none of these services have data encryption supported out of the box. If this has been a concern that keeps you from taking full advantage of this modern cloud sharing technology, you should take look this 3rd party application called Boxcryptor that puts your data untouchable and unreadable through the cloud in a very intuitive way you will have no problem to use.

We actually have reviewed this awesome tool a while back with a very good impression but commented that it would be better if it had a wider support to more platforms. Now after over a year of development, Boxcryptor now has almost all popular platform covered, including Windows, Windows RT, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. Heck, it even offers a Chrome extension (still in beta) to let you encrypt your data on the fly through the web.

/updated on April 15, 2014/

Boxcryptor has added the support on 3 further platforms: Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Blackberry 10. This means that Boxcryptor the encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive and many other providers,  is now available on eight platforms in total and allows its users to securely store their files in the cloud with their preferred provider. Moreover, Boxcryptor now also supports OneDrive for Business, Microsoft’s new storage solution for companies.

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With that wide range of support, it has become my #1 choice to protect my cloud data through industry standard AES 256 encryption. If you are very sensitive about your data, you should give Boxcryptor a try. If you haven’t used these awesome cloud data sharing services because of the concern of your data, you also should give both cloud sharing and Boxcryptor a try. The combination of cloud data sharing and Boxcryptor to encrypt data on the fly is definitely the way to go.

Boxcryptor is completely free with the limitation of only 1 drive and 1 user. You can pay a one time fee of $44.99 to get unlimited drive as well as an addition feature to encrypt the file names. For only $99.99, you get unlimited license for commercial use.


  1. The problem with BoxCryptor is, that it has a new pricing model now and costs 48$ PER YEAR. There is not a “one time fee” option anymore. And to be honest, that is ludicrous.


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