Browser Chooser Allows You to Choose What Browser to Open the Link


I have FireFox set as default browser on my work computer. Often times, I find it’s quite inconvenient that the link I open from my email only works well in IE. I then would have to copy the link and paste it to IE manually to get it display properly. If you find this annoying, you may find this little tool Broswer Chooser comes in handy.


It’s an open source tool developed in and acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser to open the link in. It gives you the flexibility to choose what browser to you for any given task. It works on almost all late Windows, including Windows 7.

It opens up the configuration window the first time when you open it, in which you can set all browsers you have installed on your computer. All installed browsers will be available to pick from the dropdown box.


You will also need to set the Browser Chooser as the default browser in order to be used properly.


Once all set, next time when you open a link from your email, the Browser Chooser opens up first asking you to pick which browser you would like to use.




    • It's just the images the developer likes, I guess. You can actually change it to whatever you like from the option window.


  1. Great Feature to add to Windows 7!!  I like to use I.E. for all Microsoft sites and Google Chrome for my GMail, Calendar and other cool Google Features.  Also some sites we use for Agile Development (JIRA, etc) are much faster on Chrome.


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