Building Your Own Online Magazine Library From PDF Documents Using Yumpu Web Service

0 is a free ePaper publishing web service that turns any PDF document into an online magazine that is very user friendly to read and flip through. It’s an all-in-one service that offers not only file uploading, and converting, but also storing as well. All converted magazines are stored in the cloud and can be accessed through the web. Once converted, you can read it online and flip through it as if you are going through a real magazine. It works even better if you are using a touch-powered tablet or laptop.


To start using its service, you will need to register an account on its website. Of course, the registration is absolutely free with no string attached. Once registered and activated, you can start your first online magazine by uploading your very first PDF document you have on your computer. You can either drag and drop the file into the Upload your PDF here box or select it by clicking Browse icon. The uploading process starts automatically, but may take a bit time to finish, based on the network and the size of the PDF document. The converting and rendering process will start off right after.

Yumpu - Uploading

Once the process is finished, you can review and modify the profile of the file you uploaded, such as the title of the document, category, tags, and even Google Analytics Code.

Yumpu - My Magazines


The reading experience is pretty cool. You can:

  • read the magazine in full screen mode,
  • preview all pages,
  • flip through the pages just like the real magazine,
  • zoom in or out to read the content in larger font, and
  • toggle between two-page and single page mode.

YumPu - Reading

All converted magazines are optimized automatically for a mobile version for those using tablets or smartphones.


Sharing the magazines on Yumpu is easy and powerful. It integrates with most of the popular social media websites seamlessly right in each magazine page, such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. You can also email to your friends if they don’t use any of the social media or embed it into your website if you are using one.

Yumpu - Sharing

Final words

Yumpu is a cool web service for online PDF publishing and sharing. Sharing is a very important and vital feature that makes Yumpu different from others. However, because its focus is on sharing, it may not be a good idea publishing your own PDF documents there if you don’t want others to read, though you can make the magazine private (unpublished).



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