Burn Note Lets You Safely Share Sensitive Message with A Self-Destructing Note


Sharing password through email is not secure. We all know that but we are all still doing it because we don’t have much better choice. Yes, we could encrypt it but no one seems to like the process of encrypting and decrypting. Unless it’s extremely necessary, we are all skipping it and just want to get thing done the easiest way.

Burn Note, however, took a different route and smartly solved this problem with the use of the self-destructing feature we’ve seen in the movies like Mission Impossible.

A Burn Note is an online message which can be read only once by the recipient. Each Burn Note has a unique link that can be sent via email, text message, or other digital means. A Burn Note link takes the recipient to a cover page where they can be read and then destroys the Burn Note. Once a Burn Note has been read it cannot be viewed again.

Let’s see how it works,

First, you go to the Burn Note website, type in the secret message like password you want to share with other party.

BurnNote Send Message

After you press Send button, you will be prompted with the unique link you can send to the other party.

BurnNote After Sending Message

When the other party gets the link and opens up in browser, they will be warned that they’ve only got 3 minutes to read once they press that View button.

BurnNote before reading the message

When the message is being opened up, it will be self-destroyed in 3 minutes if the Burn It button are not pressed during the period.

BurnNote reading message

Once the time is out or the button Burn IT is pressed, the secret message will be permanently destroyed. There is no way to retrieve it after that. And I guess there is no point of retrieving it afterwards anyway.

Using Burn Note is absolutely free with no string attached. You don’t even need to create an account in order to use their service. But signing up an account allows you to check how your message is being read, which is a quite nice feature that is worth the signing up.

Using Burn Note to share the sensitive information with others is also considered quite safe in a few ways,

  1. All communications are through SSL encrypted channel so no data can be sniffed through the transition.
  2. All messages are encrypted using the rijndael-256 module of the PHP mcrypt library before being stored in the database. However, the encryption key is shared if no password is used in the message. But again, if you use the password to add additional layer of security you will need to ensure the other party knows the password or they will not be able to read the message.
  3. The message can only be viewed once, and will be destroyed in 3 minutes.
  4. The message will also be destroyed in 72 hours if not opened.

Burn Note is a heck of the web service that allows you easily share sensitive information like passwords with others without the fear of being accessed by the wrong guys.




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