Can I Install and Use Google Web Fonts in Windows 10? And How?


Google Fonts, previously called Google Web Fonts, is an open source library of fonts that can be freely used under the free software licenses, either the SIL Open Font License or Apache License. It’s designed to provide a platform for users to discover and use the fonts extensively. Even though the majority of its use is on websites, they can still be installed and used on PCs that run Windows.

Here is how you can install a Google Font onto your Windows computer:

Head over to the Google Fonts website, you will see a scrollable list of fonts with live preview. Go through the list, find the fonts you want to use and add them all to your collection which works like a shopping cart.

Google Font - font list page

As you add more fonts into the Collection, the Collection list will show up at the bottom of the page. You can review what’s been added or remove the ones that are no longer need. Or, when ready, click the Use button to proceed to the next step.

Google Font - Collection list

Now, you can select more styles that are available on each Font you want to download and use, including Bold, Italics, Light, Normal, etc. After you’ve done the selection, click the Download icon at the top right corner.

Google Font - Almost Done

Here, you will get the option to download the files in a .zip format. Click that .zip file link to start downloading the font collection.

Google Font - Download

Extract the files to your local computer, navigate to the font folder, right-click the font and select Install to get the font installed on your Windows computer.

Google Font - Installation

That’s about it. Pretty easy to follow. There is also an app called SkyFonts that you can use but I’d prefer the manual process since the app requires a sign-in process on each font provider you want to use.

Also, the same process can also apply to Windows 7 and 8.1.


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