Causes of Missing Partitions and How to Recover them for Lost Data Recovery


Data loss situations are quite common these days, irrespective of which operating system is in use. In fact, you may anytime encounter a situation, causing loss of one or more files due to either corruption in the files or the storage media itself is corrupt. For instance, carelessness or improper handling of a USB flash drive may cause corruption in it, and therefore the data stored on it may get lost or corrupt.

In order to keep your data protected while it is stored on an external drives, such as a USB flash drive, or an SD card, all you can do at your end is insert/connect and eject/disconnect these devices carefully. Since a data disaster may encounter at anytime, you may not be able to prevent data loss due to a situation like corruption in the partition header, missing partition, or failure of the entire hard drive. However, you certainly can avoid data loss by taking a regular incremental backup of all your data.

Missing Partition

You might have multiple partitions on your computer, containing your personal as well as professional data. Imagine if you find one or more of them missing when you turn on your computer, the situation becomes quite troublesome and difficult to handle.

“A partition is termed the missing partition if your computer fails to locate it and hence, you are unable to access the data stored on it.”

Sometimes, one or more partitions no longer are displayed in ‘My Computer’, but they are shown in Disk Management window. However, you can access data stored on such partitions only when they appear in My Computer.

Causes of Missing Partition

If one or more of the partitions of your computer are missing, you may sink into chaos and may not be able to do anything in order to figure out the causes behind it. However, the actual causes can be anything like the partition is corrupt, and therefore operating system fails to detect it. Mentioned below are some issues in computers, which may cause missing partitions or a like situation:

  • Corruption in the partition header due to virus or malware infections may cause the infected partition get disappear.
  • Power surges or fluctuations while the partition is being read/write accessed may lead to corruption in the partition, and therefore the partition may no longer be displayed.
  • One or more hardware issues may cause corruption in a partition or make it get disappear, even if it is healthy.
  • A partition may get corrupt due to a large number of bad sectors, or due to bad RAM, and therefore it may no longer be displayed or the operating system fails to read it while booting.
  • Due to corruption in the logical structure of the hard drive, one or more partitions may get lost.

Recover Lost Partition

Though you may not be able to prevent corruption and hence, one or more partitions get missing, you can certainly try recovering lost partitions with professional data recovery tool, like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery that enables you scan the hard drives attached to your computer and search for lost partitions, formatted partitions, deleted partitions, and then recover your data .

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is available in three different versions – Home, Pro, and Tech, each of which is able to scan the hard drives to search lost partitions. Once the lost partitions are found, the software displays them along with the existing partitions in a list. Later on, you can scan these partitions just as they really exist in order to recover all the data.

Note: Once one or more lost partitions are found, the software displays them until the moment it is running.



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