Changing the Power Plan Right from System Tray in Windows 10


There are three power profiles pre-defined in Windows 10 that you can switch back and force depending on the needs and the level of power usage.

  • High performance provides the best performance with more energy used on the line.
  • Power saver sacrifices the performance to save energy for longer use of the equipment.
  • Balanced is somewhere in between that automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware.

To switch between power profiles, you need to right-click the battery icon in the system tray and choose Power Options to open the Control Panel applet that allows you to set up and change power profiles.

You can also choose to launch Windows Mobility Center that has the option to select these power profiles as well.

It would be easier in the upcoming Windows 10 Creator Update where a slider will be added to the battery icon’s menu, but for now, if we’d like to switch power profiles right from the system tray, we need a little help from this Universal App, called PowerPlanSwitcher.

Once installed and launched, it adds a power plug icon in the system tray where you can click and switch between power profiles right from there.

You can also set PowerPlanSwitcher to automatically switch power profile when you are on AC or DC. Right-click the power plug icon, go to Settings where you can set up different plans for the different situations.

Overall, it’s a little useful app for one single purpose. You may enjoy it when you need to juggle the setting to maintain the best performance with the longest battery run at the same time.


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