Check if Your Surface Pro AC Power Cord Needs to be Replaced


Microsoft admitted earlier this week that it will be undergoing a voluntary recall for all Surface Pro AC power cords sold before March 15, 2015. So if you own a Surface Pro, you need to check to see if your Surface’s AC Power Cord needs to be replaced.

Here are some details as to what’s covered and what’s not.

Parts eligible for replacement

AC power cords for Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 devices sold before March 15, 2015.

AC Power Cord

Note #1: AC power cord is the removable cord that connects the power supply to an electrical outlet. Another words, only the cord in the picture above that needs to be replaced. The power brick with permanently attached DC cord that plugs into the charging port on Surface is absolutely fine.

Note #2: The recall DOES NOT apply to any Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface 3, and Surface Pro 3 devices sold after March 15, 2015, including the new released Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Note #3: All Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices are eligible. Surface Pro 3 with the following AC power cord is also eligible.

Old style of AC power cord that needs to be replaced

The new style of Surface Pro’s AC power cord is something like this:


What’s the damage?

Damage may occur over time if AC power cords are sharply and repeatedly bent or tightly wrapped, for example. Examples of damage include cracking, fraying, or bulging.

Even if you don’t see damage to your AC power cord, Microsoft is asking all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 customers, and pre-March 15, 2015, Surface Pro 3 customers to order a free replacement AC power cord.

How to claim and order a replacement?

To see if you qualify for a free replacement and begin the exchange process, please visit

The claim and request a replacement of AC power cord can only be done through online. You won’t be able to get one from Microsoft Store.



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