Checkout Github For Windows If You Haven’t


Github, is a platform that hosts your source code for any kind program. Their slogan is social coding, you can hosting your source code there for free if you choose to “open” to public. It has gain ever more attention, from the developer community. Their funder Tom Preston-Werner has a very interesting story on how he turned down $300,000 offer from Microsoft. Check the story from Scott Hanselman’s This Developer’s life podcast.

Apart from this amazing story, last month Github just released their client for Windows. You should check it out if you haven’t, even if you are not a programmer, you will appreciate the design from just by playing around with it. Github for Windows is a fully metro style Windows native app, perfectly fit inline with the upcoming new Windows 8.


Today one of the developer behind the Github for Windows did a blog post that talked about how they came up with the desktop client. It’s very interesting to see how they use the Metro, a combination of Swiss design and typography into this very well made desktop client app. It’s arguably by far the best looking “Windows 8” ready third party app. As we are approaching to the release of Windows 8, we will be expecting more and more third party developer adapt to the new Metro style design and expecting to see more and more UI friendly well designed application for Windows.

Download Github for Windows here.



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