Chrome 53 on Windows 10 – How To Disable Material Design


Google announced at the end of August, the upcoming stable release of Chrome 53 is going to be a facelift to bring Material Design to the popular browser. Along with the release, Google also promises battery improvements in this release. By now if your Chrome is set with auto updates you might’ve already been running the latest Chrome 53 stable release. If you haven’t observed a slight change in it’s look, it’s time for an update, you can go to Chrome’s Settings > About or go to chrome://help/ to update Chrome to the latest stable release.

Chrome 53 Material Design vs. Chrome 52 Non-Material Design

This is how Chrome looks like side by side comparing between Chrome 52 vs. 53. Notice in Chrome 53 that all your icon has changed and the address bar’s text font appears to be smaller. The top tab has a sharper edge than its predecessor. Those are subtle changes if you don’t pay attention. It’s hard to tell that Chrome has received a new facelift.

chrome53vs52 thumb - Chrome 53 on Windows 10 - How To Disable Material Design

Google stated that the new UI change is a part of their effort to streamline all their product to exhibits the same Material Design concept. That said if you aren’t happy with the change and would like to stick to your existing UI look and feel, you can.

How To Disable Material Design in Chrome 53

Go to chrome://flags and search for “Material Design in the browser’s top chrome

2016 09 19 1329 thumb - Chrome 53 on Windows 10 - How To Disable Material Design

You can change the setting by switching from Default to Non-material from the drop-down menu. And re-launch Chrome when done.

This will only change the UI presentation to be the same as previous release, you still gain all the performance improvements Google has done with the browser.


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