Chrome Tip: Quickly Reveal Saved AutoFilled Password without Going To Settings


To simplify the login process without remembering too many different passwords on different websites, Google Chrome has a feature built-in that saves, manages, and auto-fills the passwords when needed. But the auto-filled password is hidden under a mask with a series of asterisks, such as below:

Log In - 2014-07-21 13_53_19

If you would like to reveal the secret under this series asterisks without going to Password Managers in Chrome’s Setting page, here is a quick trick you can use.

Right-click the Password field and choose Inspect Element,

Log In - 2014-07-21 13_56_56

That opens Chrome’s Develop Tools with the Password field automatically highlighted. Now all you need is double-click the element called Type=”password”, and type in Text instead.

Log In - 2014-07-21 14_09_06

After hit Enter, you will see your Password in clear plain text format in the Password field right in front of your eyes.



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