Chrome Tip: Suspend Tabs to Free Up Computer Resources


If you are a regular Chrome user, you know it uses so much freaking RAM. While it’s good utilizing your resources efficiently, it also could slow down other processes you are doing the same time on the computer. And that’s why this extension comes to play, freeing up system resources by automatically suspending unused tabs.

The Great Suspender is a lightweight Chrome extension that makes your Chrome browser a lot smarter to manage computer resources. Let’s load it up to your Chrome and see how it works.

When installed, you will see a new robot face shown up in the tool bar among those installed extensions. When it’s gray, it means the current tab will not be suspended, or is in suspend mode. When it’s orange, it’s enabled to be suspended by the extension. The follow screenshots shows a tab being suspended.

Suspended Tab

To re-activate the tab, simply switch to that tab and click anywhere in the page. The page will then be automatically reloaded.

When tabs are suspended, all computer resources including Memory and CPU will be freed up for other applications. See screenshot below that shows Google’s task manager with suspended tabs.

Google Task Manager with suspended tabs

You can also configure the extension to schedule when to suspend tabs automatically, whether to suspend pinned tabs, whether to automatically un-suspend tab when tab gains focus, etc. Check the option tab to set it up to meet your own needs. There is even a whitelist where you can put in websites, keywords to ignore.

The Great Suspender - Settings - 2015-05-23 23_37_47

overall, The Great Suspender is a great extension you don’t want to miss, especially when you are a heavy Chrome user often with more than 20 tabs open.



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