CintaNotes is Another User-Friendly Personal Notes Manager


CintaNotes is another notes taking application that’s free, lightweight, and deadly easy to use. Taking notes is so simple that all you need to do is to simply select the text and press the hotkey, Ctrl+F12 by default. That’s it.

CintaNotes Screenshot #1

You can also find your notes in your notes library easily by just typing the words in the search box. Only the notes with the words you typed in will remain in the list in the program with the words highlighted. You can use its Tags system to get your notes more organized as well.

CintaNotes also provides a portable version that you can put on your USB key or in your Dropbox to take your notes with you wherever you go. So sync’ing your notes will not be an issue, except you won’t be able to use it directly on your mobile devices.

Clipping hot key can be customized through application’s options settings.There are 3 type of hot keys you can customize. The most important one is the one to clip your selected text into the ClintaNote. Make sure the new hot key doesn’t conflict with the one you already have in your Windows system.

CintaNotes is completely free to use but by paying $9.99, you can get a commercial version that unlocks some new features including multiple notebook file support and HTML export.

CintaNotes works for any version of windows, from XP up to Windows 7.

Thanks to our reader Kellan Dowight for sharing this tool with us.



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