CleanAfterMe Cleans Up Your Footprints On Your Computer, including Registries and Different Web Browsers


It seems that no matter what you do on a windows computer, you will leave some kind of footprints behind, including registry entries, temporary files created by Windows system, cookies, history, and/or passwords in web browsers, the recent folder stuff, etc. etc. Not only do these temporary junk pack up in your hard drive, they slow down your computer’s performance as well as they get pilled up without cleaning up. If that concerns you, you may want to take look this pretty useful little tool called CleanAfterMe.


CleanAfterMe, currently in v1.37, is a free tool from the awesome NirSoft, that allows you to easily clean files and Registry entries that are automatically created by the Windows operating system during your regular computer work. Basically, it cleans up your footprints after you used the computer. And because it’s also a portable tool, you can safely use it without worrying about leaving any traces in the registry, and you can simply add it to your portable tool collections in your portable device as well.

Once you launch the tool, it will search and find all possible locations on your system that need to be looked at and list them all in the application window, including different type of browsers you have installed. Then you can tick the ones you don’t want to keep and let the tool permanently delete them for you.

The other nice thing about this tool is that it also can be run as a dos command with switch options to clean the items you selected in the last time automatically. By this way, you can then make it run automatically in schedule, like once a week, to keep your system clean without even you noticed.


It could be a very useful tool to keep your computer clean and light-weighted all the time. Personally, I will be using it extensively on my Windows 7 machines, as I often find that the Windows 7 built in Disk Clean Up tool doesn’t do its job beautifully.


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