Cleaning Up The Garbage Files from Your Windows System Using UnCleaner


Unless you don’t care the garbage floating around in your house, you should be aware that there are tons of unnecessary files that need to be purged from your Windows system from time to time. Or it’s taking up your hard drive space and then slow your computer down over the time. And UnCleaner is one of those tools that can help you with this tedious task.

Developed by Josh Cell Softwares Technology, UnCleaner is a Windows utility that gets rid of all unnecessary files and folders stored on your Windows systems. With Smart Clean technology, it analysis quickly through the system and detects and clean files that are:

  • Windows Accounts temp files, for All Windows Users
  • Windows LocalApplicationData Log Files
  • Windows Updates downloaded files
  • Windows Downloaded Installations
  • Windows ReportQueue Log Files
  • Windows Prefetch cached data
  • Windows Installer temp files
  • Windows Narrator temp files
  • Windows DataStore Log Files
  • Windows Shell cached icons
  • Windows Shell cached files
  • Windows Updates temp files
  • Windows System32 Log Files
  • Windows *.tmp stored files
  • Windows Offline Web Pages
  • Windows Cached wallpapers
  • Windows Root Log Files
  • Windows Wbem Log Files
  • Windows Cached folders
  • Windows WER Log Files
  • Windows Recent Files
  • Windows Temp files
  • Windows Log files

UnCleaner automatically scan and analysis how much garbage your system has been collecting during the start up, and provides you the results of whether or not a cleanup is needed within a few seconds.


You can also enable the Schedule feature to have the tool loaded automatically during the logon process, which is a nice feature that helps you make the house cleanup an automated task.


Now, it’s time to clean up my own mess, so should you.




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