CleverControl – A Great Low Cost User Monitoring Solution


Looking for a user-activity monitoring solution that is cost-effective, automated, and most importantly, that works? Here is one you should check out.

CleverControl is a new program designed specifically for Windows that monitors user activities with great detailed information. It’s a cloud-based business software intended for remote employee monitoring and control. The program is aimed primarily at small to medium businesses as it has many features and functions that can help improve business processes without additional expenses for the company.

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Because it’s a cloud-based solution, you don’t need to install the server component on-premise. All you need to get started is to sign up an account with CleverControl and install the CleverControl agent on the desktop computers that you want to monitor. After that, you can sit back and relax, just let the program do its magic. The account you signed up with CleverControl is your main portal on the cloud for you to check all these detailed information collected and compiled by the program.

Agent installation is pretty quick and straightforward, takes a couple of minutes. The program comes pre-configured with most popular default settings that you can customize remotely through your online account. The agent installed on the desktop computer does all the monitoring and collecting work and then sends them over to the CleverControl server for further analysis. It runs in hidden mode, invisible to a user, and can be removed remotely.

The collected information will be compiled automatically in a form of analytics graph and charts that allow you to check each user’s specific activity, as well as overall company’s activity summary. All data can be seen retrospectively for the previous days or in Live Panel which allows you to see employees’ screens live.

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CleverControl has core features of monitoring software that include screenshot taking and keystrokes logging. With very active window and URL changes, you will be able to get a screenshot showing what exactly you employee is occupied with. The same goes for keystrokes: all that was typed on a keyboard in any application, including Incognito web browser tabs, will be recorded and shown in your account. These are the features that usually constitute a free monitoring program. But apart from them, CleverControl has a full set of other interesting and useful functions.

It monitors all computer activities, including all applications that are running on your desktop PCs and the usages of removable flash drives, as well as all sorts of online activities, including more than 20 popular instant messengers.

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and all web page visited and search queries.

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Pricing wise, CleverControl is free forever to monitor up to 2 PCs, anything more than that will cost you money, and it’s vary depending on how many PCs need to be monitored.


Overall, CleverControl is a useful fully-featured application that can be used for a variety of purposes in both small and medium companies. If you have the needs to have a system in place to monitor users’ activities, you should definitely give it a try. But if you have a strong privacy policy in place, you may think twice. There is quite a bit information being captured and sent to the cloud after all.


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