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After more than 6 years, Clipboard Magic released its version 5 with many great improvements over its last version, released in 2005.

Clipboard Magic, a free clipboard manager, has now officially support the latest Windows platform, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. It works perfectly when doing a repetitive plain text copy/paste work.

It combines a feature that PureText does, striping all format style with leaving only unformatted plain text in the list, without jeopardizing the content in the clipboard. When you need to paste back the content with the original format, you can still use Ctrl+V to paste whatever stored in the clipboard.

You can store as many items as you like with the tool, though only the first 10 items in the list can be pasted through a pre-defined hotkey combination, Ctrl+Shift+0-9 by default. But through the option, you can change it so that the hotkey starts from the current row, instead of the one from the top.

The tool also has a chunk of configuration options to set. Customizing it wisely can definitely boost your whole copy/paste experience, especially repeating it on daily basis is part of your job.

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