Common Errors That Cause Windows Blue Screen, aka BSOD, for both Windows 7 & Vista


Anyone who have used Windows for a period of time know what the BSOD looks like, especially in early windows version, including the rock solid Windows XP. However, I don’t seem to remember when it happened to me last time. Seriously, ever since I upgraded my main computer to Vista, this damned BSOD has seemed to be disappeared from my life. I guess mainly I should thank and give the credit to the much improved and streamlined Windows Error Reporting system. Instead of BSOD, you often see the message popping up alerting you that:


You can choose either close it or keep waiting a bit longer. You have the choices and time to close and save other programs.

Even though it doesn’t happen as often as it used to be, it’s always good to know some of real facts that are behind of the scenes. And thanks to geeks at Windows Club for compiling a list of them that apply to both Vista and Windows 7.

  • Registry_Error
  • Divide_By_Zero_Error
  • KMode_Exception_Not_Handled
  • Invalid_Process_Attach_Attempt
  • Hardware_Interrupt_Storm
  • Inaccessible_Boot_Device
  • PFN_List_Corrupt
  • Machine_Check_Exception
  • Multiple_IRP_Complete_Requests
  • NMI_Hardware_Failure

Sounds quite abstractive, but you can see the original post for more details in each item.



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