Create An ISO Image for Any Disc or Folder Right From Windows Explorer Context Menu


Wouldn’t it be easier that you can create an ISO image file for any disc or folder right from Windows Explorer’s context menu? Yes, it would be deadly easy.

ISO Recorder is a free Windows burning tool that creates an ISO image and burn it to the disc, all without using a GUI. Yes, all the work are done through Windows Explorer’s context menu. Well, the actual burning process still has a GUI on it, but still is very simplified. The tool has obviously been around for a while, since maybe Windows XP, and is specifically designed for Windows.

It adds its own commands into context menu once it’s installed, and displays in the proper caption in the context menu depending on where you are.

For example, if you right click a folder or a disk drive in Windows Explorer, “Create ISO Images file”


Clicking on it starts the Record CD/DVD dialog box.


Heck, you can even include the boot image to make it as a bootable ISO image.

If you right click on a DVD drive, “Create image from CD/DVD” command appears in the context menu.


and if there is a disc in the drive, you will see one more option to let you directly burn a disc to a disc.


Clicking on Creating image from CD/DVD brings up this burning dialog box.


and choosing “CD CD to CD” brings you this.


Once you have the ISO file ready, you can either use the same tool or Windows built in Disk Image Burner to burn it to the physical disc. Either one will get you a disc burnt exactly the same as the original.


I have to admit that this has made the burning process a deadly simple process that everyone can do a burning job. I can see myself start using this a lot more than using ImgBurn, which is my favorite burning tool to-date.

ISO Recorder works in all Windows versions, from XP to Windows 7. Make sure you pick the right installation package (.msi) from the download page.



  1. Doesn’t work. No option “create iso image” on right-click. I don’t know why, but every time I look on the web to see how to do something in windows 7, it never works. Ever. Regardless of the type of account I’m logged into, regardless of windows 7 version. Pro, home, ultimate, doesn’t matter. No instructions for windows 7 ever works for me. WTF gives?

    • If you’re still using Windows 7, you need to use third-party ISO mounting software to mount an ISO file. Well, I copied the steps from one tutorial.
      Step 1. For mounting an ISO, firstly, download MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM on your PC.
      Step 2. Right-click MagicDisc trayicon in the lower right corner > Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > Select a virtual drive (eg, K: No Media)> Mount
      Step 3. Select the ISO image file you want to load. Click “Open” and the mounted ISO file will appear under Computer.
      You can search WonderFox mount an iso for more information. Hope useful.


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