Create System repair Disc for Windows 7


Back in Vista, this feature is already there. The system repair disc is used when your system encounter some fatal error, you won’t be able to normally boot into your windows OS anymore.  Using this disc, you will have the following option can help you to recover your system.

  • Startup Repair
  • System Restore
  • System Image Recovery
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Command Prompt

To create a system recovery disc just type “System Recovery” in the start menu text search field

systemrepairdisc - Create System repair Disc for Windows 7

Choose “Create a System Repair Disc”

createasystemrepairdisc - Create System repair Disc for Windows 7

Insert a blank writable DVD, and create disc

When you boot using the system recover disc you will see the following

systemrecoveryoptions - Create System repair Disc for Windows 7

Whenever you have problem to boot into your OS always try the first two before anything else. The first option “Startup Repair” will automatically try to fix the problem. If that has failed, try the next option “System Restore” this requires your system to have a previous restored point available, otherwise it is useless. When you choose that option, there will be a list of restore points from the most recent to the least recent. Click the date you want to restore your system into.

System image recovery is used when you have a full back up of your system, meaning when you have an entire hard drive copied into another hard drive. It will mirror the image from the back up hard drive, and restore it to your system.

Using Windows Memory Diagnostics tool for hardware errors.

Use the Command Prompt for anything addition you want to do with your system.

Hope those helps when you encounter any problem booting the OS.


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