Customizing Windows Explorer Toolbar in Windows 7



Essentially, what you see on the Windows Explorer toolbar in Windows 7 is what you get. You don’t have much power to make change of it, unless with the help of some tools from 3rd party.

CustomExplorerToolbar is a free portable tool from Nirsoft that allows you to easily customize the toolbar of Windows Explorer, and add some of the missing buttons that were existed in the previous versions of Windows.

With this tool, you can add bunch of preset buttons, e.g. Copy, Paste, Delete, Email, Printer, etc., easily to the Explorer Toolbar, and remove them later on. The buttons you choose will be added based on the Folder Type you select in the tool.


And see the more buttons that were not there earlier.


Because the Windows Explorer Toolbar is new in Windows 7, this tool only works on Windows 7.



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