DataLocker Encrypts Your Files on Windows, Mac, and iOS


We have covered quite a few encryption options when it comes to addressing the privacy concerns of saving files to the cloud. But here we are going to introduce another pretty neat solution that not only encrypts your data on your Windows and Mac but also lets you decrypt them on the iOS devices as well.

DataLocker is a data encryption solution aiming to eliminate this concern by enabling users to easily encrypt sensitive information in their Dropbox account without sacrificing the convenience of anywhere access. It offers native client on Windows, Mac OS X, as well as iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

You will need to fill this form in order to download the software. The download link will be emailed to your right after you submit the form.

DataLocker has a very simple user interface with option of Encrypt and Decrypt as the tabs at the top. To encrypt, simply drop the files in to the files box, pick up a destination location, type in a non-recoverable passpharse, and click the button Encrypt. The destination is set as the same as the source file by default but can be changed to any location you want, including the folder used for Dropbox.

DataLock Screenshot #1

And the files are encrypted and saved as .ALK file instantly. If the destination is set to Dropbox, the encrypted files are sync’d to the cloud automatically.

DataLock Screenshot #2

To decrypt on Windows or Mac, drop the file to the files box in Decrypt tab, pick a destination, type in the passphrase used in Encryption, and press the button Decrypt.

DataLock Screenshot #3

I particularly like its iOS app. It’s very intuitive and integrates very well with Dropbox app on my iPhone. If you use Dropbox, you probably will like the way how seamlessly it works on your iPhone or iPad with Dropbox.

You will need to link both apps when firstly launching DataLocker app.

Photo Apr 02, 3 52 01 PM  Photo Apr 02, 3 52 10 PM

Once authorized, the DataLocker app pulls the list of documents on your Dropbox and opens the documents up right away if not encrypted but prompts for passphrass if it does.

Photo Apr 02, 3 52 35 PM

DataLocker is still a work-in-progress product that may add more features down the road. Features like adding the encrypt/decrypt command to the context menu and encrypt/decrypt files on the fly are mostly welcomed and needed.

Ever though I couldn’t find a word about which method is used in encryption, I hope DataLocker is using the most industry proven secure encryption method like AES to encrypt the data. After all, it’s pointless using a broken method trying to protect your precious data.



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