Deleting the System Log Files in Windows 7 the Easy Way


Windows 7 comes with a pretty hand system tool that helps you clean up some of the junk files from your system, called Disk Cleanup. But it wasn’t designed to clean up the system log files for you. Normally, you don’t need to bother cleaning them up and you aren’t supposed to anyway. However, if they have been accumulated to a point that bothers you, here is a very easy way of doing so. Thanks the guys at AddictiveTips for sharing this tip.

Usually, these system log files are stored in %SystemRoot% directory, which usually is your C:\windows folder. Because of that, you will need to open Dos Prompt window in administrator first, change to %systemroot% directory, and run the following dos commands.

DEL *.log /S /F /Q

/S: delete specified files from all subdirectories.

/F: force deleting of read-only files.

/Q: quiet mode that doesn’t ask if ok to delete on wildcards.




  1. ran the command but it says that
    The process cannot access the file because it is being accessed by another process

    I had everything shut down?



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