Deploy Applications over Network on Windows 8 Using EMCO MSI Package Builder


IT administrators have to go through bunch of installations and deployment procedure every day and night. However, client interaction is always a crucial part to perform standard installations of any particular application. However, these challenges become hectic on the real world when large number of applications needed to be deployed. Luckily, there are tools which can easier the process of installing applications on latest Windows i.e., Windows 8 over network even without needing user to perform even a single action on their machine.

Windows installer (.MSI) package is needed to perform silent installation on client computer over network. This installer packages doesn’t come by default from the manufacturer, instead we have to convert the traditional .exe setup into MSI packages. So we’ve to convert exe into MSI packages to perform remote installation. You can use various MSI package builder tools to do this available from various manufacturers. These tools were also known as installation authoring tool, specially designed to create, maintain and distribute windows installer packages over large computer set.

Overview: EMCO MSI Package Builder

This tool is introduced to convert legacy installations into silent MSI packages to perform unattended silent installation to client computer. All you need is to convert traditional setup (.exe) into MSI package which will begin installing applications immediately after completing the conversion.


Besides performing silent installation, this tool offers many other things like application compatibility testing, format conversion for better program visualization, easy system management platform migration etc. You can begin downloading and installing this application on your computer and read more about exe to MSI migration using the link mentioned below:

For complete installation and conversion steps, you can find full step by step guide here. You’ll better understand how the whole process works and how you can easily begin deploying applications over network.

Product Features

  • Easy GUI and MSI creation wizard that helps in complete walk through from defining installation resources to successfully placing applications on client PC.
  • You’ve the full capability to repackage existing installation into MSI format and make them ready for immediate silent installation over network.
  • You can remotely deploy applications through group policy or EMCO remote installer.
  • This tool is equipped with live monitoring technology for smooth application installation. This will also help in manually editing application as per client computer needed to stay healthy and stabilize file system and registry changes.
  • Recompile already created MSI packages to apply modifications or any customizations and produce fresh MSI package the way you want.
  • Completely automate MSI creation process through visual editor and easy to understand wizard.

Final Thoughts: Perfect for Enterprises, 30 Days Free Trail

EMCO MSI Package builder is available in three editions: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Where starter edition provides basic MSI editor, used by home user or in small organizations where system numbers are few and rare need of deploying application over network. However, Professional and Enterprise editions offers full capability to manually create MSI packages except, you’ll get advanced builder and repackage in enterprise edition perfectly suitable for large organizations or enterprises.

EMCO software provides free 30 days trail on EMCO MSI Package builder to explore out all the benefits and product capabilities without a asking single penny from you. After then, go for plan as your budget allows.


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