Did You Know F11 Full Screen Shortcut Also Works In Windows Explorer


Yes, you probably already know that you can press F11 in any browser to make the window full screen. This is a handy shortcut for people who have a limited screen to browse the web, especially the netbook users. But did you also know that this handy F11 key also works in Windows Explorer? You can make your Window full screen as well when you looking through files and directories.

full screen windows explorer 2

The same behavior you would expect as in a browser, when you hover your mouse over top the navigation bar will appear.

full screen windows explorer

Even more, it actually works on other Microsoft native applications, such as Paint, Windows Media Player (video playback) and XPS viewer. Hope you find this tip useful, and enjoy toggling your window into full screen mode 🙂



  1. Win8 users, do you hate the Ribbon? Or do you want the Tree Pane gone?
    Hit F11 to make Explorer fullscreen, then bump the top of the screen to make the Address Bar pop out, right-click between its elements to uncheck Autohide if you need the menubar. Or, use a sub-menu of “second menubar” to disable the Tree Mode (this second menubar acts just like in win7, it’s just hidden by Ribbon ’till you F11)


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