Disable Unwanted Windows 8 Feature With Skip Metro Suite


Windows 8 has a bunch of unique features that are not available to any of previous versions, all because of its touch-focused Modern UI design. Things like Start Screen, Start button, Hot Corners, Charms bar, and Apps Switcher work great and are essential to Windows 8 Tablets but not so much useful to a heavy desktop users whose work are mainly done through desktop programs. And if you are among those heavy desktop users and feel these new features are bothering, here is a simple way to disable them all at once.

Skip Metro Suite is a free portable Windows 8 tweaking tool that let you boot directly to your classic Windows desktop, get rid of all the hot corners so they don’t bother you when you move your cursors around. Basically, it will turn a Windows 8 computer work like an enhanced Windows 7 machine.

It comes with two editions, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. The download package includes both so just extract and launch the one that fits to your version of Windows.

Using the tool is extremely easy. Check the option Enable Skip Metro Suite and select the Windows 8 features you want to disable. And press Save to save the changes. All changes will take place after your computer is rebooted.

Skip Metro Suite - main window

Skip Metro Suite doesn’t have a Start Menu replacement. I hope it does though. So if you want that back, you will find one of those 3rd party Start Menu replacement for Windows 8.

One thing is also noticed that the author of Skip Metro Suite, WinAero, has also built a number of other tweaking tools that are worth checking. We even covered two of them previously, Taskbar Pinner and Boot UI Tuner.


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