Disabling OneDrive Ads from Displaying in File Explorer in Windows 10


Microsoft started to sneak in OneDrive commercial advertisements in File Explorer in Windows 10 offering 1TB OneDrive storage along with the Office 365 subscriptions for $6.99 a month, like below.

credit to Reddit user aj1985

It hasn’t annoyed me as much as many others but if it does to you, here are a few steps to take to get away with it.

1. Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E keyboard shortcut or clicking the yellow file folder icon on the taskbar., click View and

2. Click View and Options to open Folder Options window.

3. Go to View tab in Folder Options window, uncheck the option “Show sync provider notifications” and click OK to save the change.

That’s done and you are all set.

However, if you do still use OneDrive as your cloud sync app, you should be aware of the downside of disabling the “sync provider notifications” option. It has legitimate uses and disabling it will disable any notifications OneDrive could send.



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