Discovering What’s Happening from Resource Monitor in Windows 7


One of the most common things I wanted to know but can’t in XP was why my hard drive light keeps flashing, which often made me wonder what’s been reading from or writing to my hard drive. We all know that hard drive is the performance bottleneck most of the time on your computer, so knowing what’s happening to your hard drive would be very useful discovering why sometime your computer is running so slow.

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has introduced a separate dedicated Resource Monitor that gives a much detail picture of what’s going on right now in your system, including hard drive, CPU, Memory, and Network. It’s not only showing you the graphic of the usage to the resources, but also detailing which programs are using which resources as well. And in Windows 7, Microsoft even improves it much more by adding to feature allowing you save your own settings with the enhanced layout.

To launch Resource Monitor, you can

either, typing “resource monitor” from search box in Start menu;


or, clicking “Resource Monitor” right inside the Windows Task Manager Performance tab.


And once you opened it, you can check the detail information about your resources from the tabs at the top. The detailed info is shown at the left while the performance graphic is shown at the right. As stated above, the resource monitor gives a much detail what’s happening in your system right now, including listing a list of files and programs accessing your system and how much resources they are using.


If you are a more computer savvy user, you may have already known that you can get much more from Performance Monitor, in which Microsoft has improved in some way as well.


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