DiskMax is A Complete Disk Clean Application for Windows


Developed by Koshy John, a Microsoft System Engineer, DiskMax is a free disk utility that cleans up your disk drive and optimizes the system to overall improve Windows performance. It works on all computers that run on Windows Vista and above. Believe it or not, it’s a quite popular free tool that has been downloaded almost 7 million times.

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What to clean up

Here is a list of things on your computer DiskMax will take care of:

  • Emptying the recycle bin, cleaning up installation leftovers and debugging information.
  • Cleaning up every user’s history, temp, temporary internet files, cookies, recently opened documents list, explorer thumbnail cache, and Windows error reporting logs.
  • Clearing up Windows cache, unused legacy cursors, internet logs, repair information, DLL caches, temporary files and Windows update roll-back files.
  • Removing registry entries for multiple Most Recently Used lists.
  • Clearing up Windows event logs.
  • etc.

How to use DiskMax

Upon launching the tool, you have four options to choose from, User, Users, System, and System+. The first two options clean up user-related files while the last two do a more thorough job cleaning up the garbage. You can start with the first one, User, to see how it goes and then move on to the last one, System+, to do a more thorough job.

Once you select the option, follow each step to confirm what type of data you would like DiskMax to clean up, until you reach the

DiskMax Ready to Start - DiskMax is A Complete Disk Clean Application for Windows

The clean-up process could take a while to finish. You can see where it’s at right in the tool. There is no option to go over the scan result before the file removal. It will just delete files right after it detects them.

DiskMax in the process - DiskMax is A Complete Disk Clean Application for Windows

When it’s all finished, it displays the result of how much space it has cleaned up and how much will be cleaned up after the restart.

DiskMax Scan Result - DiskMax is A Complete Disk Clean Application for Windows


DiskMax is a pretty well-designed and easy-to-use disk cleaning utility. It could be more useful if it has a portable version that I can use without installing it. I also wish to have the option to reveal what will be deleted before actually being removed permanently.

DiskMax is completely free. It’s not Open Source so if you like the tool and wish it will be actively developed and maintained, kindly consider donating to the author.


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