Display and Monitor Memory Usage Right from System Tray with Meminfo


MemInfo is a small system monitoring utility that monitors the current memory, both RAM and Page File, usage and displays them right in the system tray. It provides a quick glimpse view of how much memory is used and how they are being used in a small gauge graphic window in real time. You can set it up so its icon displays right next to the time clock in the system tray. When you hover your cursor over it, you will quickly get the overview of what the current memory usage is.

meminfo - system tray balloon

Right-click the icon from the system tray, it pops up a window with more detailed information, with the top 10 processes that use the memory the most (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Right click to bring up a more detailed window
Figure 1 – Right click to bring up a more detailed window

MemInfo can also be customized with a bunch of settings. You can choose when it should warn you about the high memory usage, display physical memory or Windows page file usage, or show free or used memory. You can even choose the font you like better and select a different theme to have different color in the notification bar. Not mention that it has a memory defragment feature built right in to help your computer maximize the available free memory.

Figure 2 - MemInfo Settings
Figure 2 – MemInfo Settings

MemInfo is not a portable tool so you will need to install the program before using it. However, it’s complete free for both personal and commercial use. It works on almost all Windows systems, from XP and above. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

If you are worrying about the high memory usage, you may throw this little tool in to monitor your situation before determining whether or not it’s time to buy more power to your computer.

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