Displaying All Images From A Web Page into A New Single Tab on Chrome and Firefox


If you are tired of opening every single linked images one by one from an image intensive web page into a new tab or window, here is something you will definitely like. Img2Tab is a browser extension that lets you open all images on a web page into a single new web tab so you can browse through or download all images from one place. It’s especially useful on web pages that have a lot of linked images that usually are the enlarged version providing much more details. And nicely, this extension is made available for all popular browsers that support extension.

And here is how it works in Chrome.

Firstly, go to the url listed above, and hit Add to Chrome button to install it in your Chrome browser.

Then, on a web page that has a lot of images, right click on one of them, go to Img2Tab, and pick one of the following 4 options:

Img2Tab - right click context menu

  • Actual – extract images wrapped around <img> tag in the page into multiple tabs in a new window.
  • Actual (single tab) – similar to above but in a single tab in the same window.
  • Linked – extract images from links to the images into multiple tabs in a new window.
  • Linked (single tab) – similar to one above but in a single tab in the same window.

Most of the time, option Linked (single tab) works the best as it only brings up the images included in the content.

Img2Tab - single tab

Overall, extensions like Img2Tab can be very useful and handy one to improve browsing experience, especially when combining with stuff like Image Downloader to make download even easier. Thanks to ghacks for the sharing.



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