DNSDataView is a GUI Version of NSLOOKUP That Views the DNS Records for Any Given Domains


One of the tools I often use to check the DNS records is the command tool nslookup, an ancient tool that has been around in Windows since Windows XP. Now, for those who are not that used to the command prompt window and command line, there is a GUI version of tool available for you. Thanks to 4sysops for reviewing the tool for us.

NirSoft’s DNSDataView is a free portable DNS look up tool that allows you to easily retrieve all kinds of DNS records for any given domains, including MX, NS, A, SOA, TXT, and AAAA records. However, as Michael pointed out, CNAME, PTR, and SVR records don’t seem to be supported in this tool.

The tool is deadly easy to use. Simply download the tool from the website, and extract the executable file to your local computer. Since it’s a portable tool you don’t need to install it first in order to run it. Once it’s launched,

First, type in all domains you want to query for the DNS records in the the Select Domains window.


And hit OK button, the tool will start querying the DNS data automatically and displays the results in the window once it’s finished.


You can then output the data to a plain text file. If you have a long list of domain searched, you can search the specific item you are looking for.

What other than a GUI interface actually makes this tool better than the classic NSLOOKUP is that it not only allows you to query a list of domains from one run but also gives you the option to use the different DNS server instead of the default ones assigned to your network card in case you have the suspicious that the bundled DNS server may not perform the query equally same as the other external ones. Just tick the option “use the following DNS Server” in the Select Domains window and specify the IP address of DNS server before hitting OK button to perform the query.


If you are the one like me who often need to use the classic NSLOOKUP to look up the DNS records, you should try out this tool. It’s more convenient.

The tool works perfectly on Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit.



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