Do You Know VLC Media Player Is Also A Cool Video Converter?


VLC Media Player is an awesome free media player for Windows user. Not only does it cover all the codecs you need to play all kinds of media you have, it can do a lot more than just playing media files. We’ve showed you how to use VLC to do a screencast recording before and now we’ve going to show you another neat feature that you may not know.

VLC also has a pretty decent video converter built right in the program with a bunch of preset profiles ready for you to choose from.  If you have a file that you need to convert to a format that can be played online or on the other platform you may not need a full-blown professional tool to do the conversion job. VLC may just do the job well enough for you.

Go to Media, and click Convert/Save in your VLC media player.

VLC media player - media - convert

Add a media source, which can be a file saved on your local computer, a DVD/Blu-ray/Audio CD, an online media source such as YouTube link, or the input directly from your webcam if you have one installed.

VLC - Open Media - 2014-12-02 15_13_43

Then, click the little down arrow next to the Convert/Save button, and choose Convert.

VLC - Open Media - Convert - 2014-12-02 15_15_17

Now in the Convert dialog box, click the profile dropdown button and pick one that suits you the best. By default, it’s set as H.264 + MP3 in MP4, which is the most used video format for both online and mobile devices.

VLC - Convert - 2014-12-02 15_23_34

Then specify the destination file name and location, click Start to start the conversion process. Video conversion is a time-consuming process and it’s no difference using VLC. Be a little patience and don’t expect to see the result right away.

VLC actually supports most of the popular codecs in this converter. It can convert one video to not only MP4, but also MPEG, MKV, FLV, WAV, and a lots more. Just click the Edit profile button next to the Profile dropdown button to see what the options are.

VLC - Profile edition - 2014-12-02 15_31_20



  1. I’ve used VLC for this and it works great. There are a couple of other programs that can also be used.

    For me, I prefer to use AceThinker Video Master as the interface is great and it’s so easy to use compared to VLC.

  2. Thanks for the useful information. By the way, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory is also a good option for converting videos to more various formats.


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