Don’t Know What A Running Process is or How Safe it is? Try Kaspersky Application Advisor


Normally, when I found a suspicious process running in the background from Task Manager, I would turn to Google to search for the specific name of the executable file to find what it is and where it comes from, which is a cumbersome step that is quite time consuming. Not any more.

Kaspersky Application Advisor, part of the Kaspersky whitelist lab program, is an online service that keeps the most complete information about your files and programs known to Kaspersky Lab. If you have a file or program that you are not sure what it is, head over to its website, type in the name of the file, and press Enter. Most likely, you will get the full information back instantly.

Kaspersky Application Advisor - search result

If nothing found from the search, you can upload the file to let the system to calculate the checksum to find the information for you.

You can click each items from the search result to see more details about the file and find out how safe it is for you to trust it to be on your computer.

Kaspersky Application Advisor - details

If you see a Trusted certificate badge on the detail page, it’s safe to use the file or program.

/source: Kaspersky Application Advisor/



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