dotEPUB Turns Any Webpage into An eBook in ePub Format


dotEPUB is a Chrome Extension that easily turns any visiting webpage into a clean eBook in ePub format that can be read on most of the popular eReader application or devices.

Its green dot appears next to Chrome’s address bar when this extension is installed. Simply clicking it will launch the extension to automatically convert the current viewing webpage into an ePub format file and download it into your default download folder on your computer. Then, later on you can use one of your favorite ePub reader or transfer it to your eBook device to read. It especially makes your reading more enjoyable when the web content you are reading is very long.

There are also a few options available, one of which seems to be able to translate the content into one of three languages built in this extension, which might turn to be useful if it’s more pleasant for you to read the content in your native language.


dotEPUB Chrome Extension is built based on dotEPUB open source that basically is a browser bookmarklet in JavaScript based on Readability, another open source project that does pretty much the same thing.

Here is an example I did that turned one of our post into an ePub version of eBook. Apparently, it scraped the image files from the original post, with an additional disclaimer at the end of the file.





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