Drag & Drop Files into Browser to Instantly Share Files with Jumpshare [Web App]


Here is how you can quickly and easily share files with others without the boring process of sign-up, sign-in, or waiting for the files being uploaded in just 3 step.

Step 1: go to http://jumpshare.com/

Jumpshare #1

Step 2: drag & drop your file onto the page.

Step 3: copy and email the share link.

Jumpshare #2

The people who received the share link will see a page like below with download link available.

Jumpshare #3

Things that are worth knowing

Here are a few limitations in terms of the file sizes and capacity.

  • No limits on the number of files you can drag & drop to share.
  • the total limit of all files dragged should not exceed 2GB.
  • each file should not exceed 100MB.

The company is working hard on building accounts that will give the option to upload files larger than 100MB as well as the total size of files exceeding 2GB.

All files you uploaded to Jumpshare server are kept for 14 days before being automatically purged.

All files are stored on Amazon AWS/S3 data center. Everything is encrypted on the AES standard to prevent unauthorized access.


Jumpshare seems like a well developed web application that offers a very easy and quick way to share files via email, web page, and/or social media. It’s a file-sharing express that can be useful to those who want a quick sharing method to share files with their family, or friends without concerning too much about the privacy.

However, I do feel that having an account option is crucial to make a site like this to success. To convince people to seriously use and rely on your file sharing service, you will have to offer something that make the people who use your service feel comfortable and secure.



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