DreamCalc to Put A Powerful Professional Calculator on Your Windows Desktop


DreamCalc is a powerful feature rich graphing science calculator that is going to be your must-have tool if you are a student or anyone dealing with numbers on daily basis. The calculator that comes with Windows 7 has already included a lot of advanced options comparing to any of the versions from previous Windows but when it comes to studying math, doing financial calculations, or visualizing what a function looks like in chart, you definitely need this tool to help you out.

DreamCal Screenshot #1

There are 4 different calculator layouts available in the program for you to choose, one of which should be serving your needs fairly well.

  • Simple Calculator
  • Scientific Standard
  • Scientific Base-N
  • Financial Scientific

On top of that, there are also 2 additional screens you can toggle on and off when needed. One called Chart & List for the function chart drawing, and one called Paper Roll that just functions the same as those print out paper rolls on some of the accounting type of calculators. In both addition screen, you can also save, print, or copy the result as well.

DreamCal Screenshot #2  DreamCal Screenshot #3

DreamCalc comes with 3 different editions, Professional that includes everything, Graphing that mostly includes Graphing and data plots, and Scientific for powerful scientific calculations. It basically is not a freeware but you can use its full functionality without entering the license code at any time, though it’s not very nice thing to do, especially considering how powerful the developers have put in the tool. If you use an unregistered copy, you will be prompted every time you launch the calculator.

DreamCalc is a widely used mathematical tool in universities and schools. If you are having difficulties studying math in your school, checking it out on your Windows computer and see if it can helps you out. Here is also an introductive video that shows how much this calculator can do.



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